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We have the opportunity and privilege of working with volunteers both here in Mexico on a local level as well as volunteers in the States and Canada. There are many ways you can volunteer to help us with our cause.

For example if you live locally we need foster parents, transportation helpers, people to pick up food in San Diego and bring it down to Ensenada, grooming services, exercise and playmates for our pets.

We also need concerned volunteers who speak Spanish, to educate locals in our community and help them learn how to care for their animals. With more volunteers, we can bring our services to more remote communities. We also need people to take our animals to the vet, and so much more.

If you live in the States or Canada, we can use your help in raising awareness and fundraising for our organization, Friends of Baja Animals. Without the funds to run our non-profit we cannot do all we would like to help these poor animals who desperately need a new chance in life.

Please see our Fundraising page for ideas on how you can help. We sincerely appreciate you joining our family of volunteers so we can save as many animals in Mexico as possible.

Current positions open that immediately need volunteers

1. Transport from Mexico to San Diego:

Volunteer drivers needed to transport our animals from Ensenada to San Diego to meet there new adoptive families. Also, we need volunteers to pick up animals sometimes in San Diego and take them to their new families in other parts of California. All expenses paid by the adoptive parents. Must have an excellent driving record, insurance and good working transportation. References needed.

2. Blog Writers:

We are looking for several blog writers who would like to showcase their articles on our site. Obviously, the articles need to be relevant to our cause. Credit and your contact information will be provided for on our site.

3. Animal Fostering:

We are looking for kind animal lovers who might have a couple of months free to take in and foster a dog. During this period Friends of Baja Animals will support you financially with the cost of food, vet bills, medicine and other things that the animal needs, while you concentrate on providing clean, secure and safe shelter, potty training, attention to any health needs as well as love and kindness to the animal.

Thanks to all of our volunteers and potential volunteers for taking our mission seriously and providing the help we so desperately need to help abandoned and abused animals in Baja California.

Please call Diane at 619-547-6621 in US or 646-160-2466 in Mexico or email: info@friendsofbajaanimals.org

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