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Friends of Baja Animals is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation established in 2015 in the State of Nevada. Our purpose is to save, care for, bring back to health and find forever homes for animals in Baja California, Mexico.








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Thanksgiving comes to Baja Animals

Great Food Donations & Networking for Dog & Cat Rescues
Friends of Baja Animals is delighted to report the wonderfully successful distribution of Dog & Cat food for use by these worthy Ensenada Area Dog & Cat Rescue & Spay & Nueter Groups:
Each group received almost 1,000 pounds of Blue Buffalo premium croquettes! The distribution event at the Riviera Cultural Center was a magnificent collaboration of over 40 dedicated volunteers from these groups. Spirits were high as all worked to unload, sort and assist one another in loading a total of over 2,200 small bags of food for shipment to their awaiting 4 legged friends. The joyful teamwork and enthusiastic networking was really effective and touching. It reminded all of the blessings we have in cooperative community action for a great cause.
“Together for Them”, the dogs and cats, we hope to do a lot more in the future.
There are so many to acknowledge, but to mention some… This could not have happened without the exceptional leadership, networking skills and enthusiasm of Norma Hurtado of C.A.R.E. with the financial and organizational support of Diane Webster and Linda & Bob Nichols of our FRIENDS OF BAJA ANIMALS, which also served as the intermediary with THE HELEN WOODWARD ANIMAL CENTER and their “Home 4 The Holidays” Program. We never would have gotten this effort started without the thoughful help and efficiency of Laura Sanduval of V.I.D.A. and of course Laura Smith of HWAC.
C.A.R.E. was also capably represented by Gabbyluu Victorica H. and Ruth Chabarria. Stay tuned as Norma is already hard at work securing material for surgeries to share with a number of these same service groups including LOS ADOPTABLES and 4 PATAS…
Linda Miner, Data & Dayle Goldsberry and Annette of KATTY KORNER, who always do a super job, pitched in to help and enriched all with their presence. Katty Korner is now finding forever homes for 40 cats – why not get one for the holidays? They come with several bags of food!
The extraordinary Pris Austin of LOS ADOPTABLES once again proved to be a reliable, helpful, positive powerhouse proponent of our common endeavors. Why not bring home one of their wonderful companions for the holidays? Or at least stop by their Thrift Store to buy and/or donate incredible goodies?
4 PATAS and ELLOS SON LA RAZON alone, under the capable direction of Maria Silvia Salmon Amador and Nancy Garcia Cano respectively, had close to 20 truly tremendous volunteers with tons of positive energy for the common cause. Just these two groups service hundreds of our 4-legged friends on any given day!
The ever-immersed in animal care causes Veterinarian Jorge Acevedo of CENTRO DE ATENCION CANINA Y FELINA put in more overtime helping to make this effort work optimally.
The Riviera Cultural Center not only helped out on short notice with access to their lot, but they also, per one of the many spontaneous miracles born of the positive spirit that day, proactively made a forklift available, driven by their employee who coincidentally spotted a cousin of his, (Ms.) “Michael”, volunteering for 4 PATAS!
The complex and several-day, time consuming effort of picking up the food in the USA, getting it through customs and down to Ensenada was extremely well and economically handled by Mr. Adolfo Delgado of the Comite Binacional Unidos with driver Salvatore Cervantes Reyes.
The office of Lic. Armando Ayala Robles, Presidente Municipal de Ensenada, assisted us with cross border issues and was ably and amply represented by C.P. Efrain Kantel S., Director of International Affairs of the XXIII Ayuntamiento of Ensenada.
A closer alliance between all of these like dedicated (7) animal service groups and others is crystallizing out of this tremendous networking confluence: For now, the as yet to be formalized association goes by the name: “JUNTOS POR ELLOS!!” Please think about getting involved for the Holidays and New Year (ADOPT!!!).
And also, while doing your holiday shopping online, please designate “FRIENDS OF BAJA ANIMALS” as your Non-Profit beneficiary of choice at AMAZON SMILE. A small amount of every purchase will be sent to us to put together for the benefit of…. Ellos!

Mike Folloni
Secretary of the Board of Directors Friends of Baja Animals


Along with feeding and caring for animals of Baja California in Mexico, we raise money to help other charities that care for abandoned or abused animals in the Northern Baja region. Most local shelters are run by good hearted animal lovers and they always in need of Food, Supplies, Vet care, Medicines and cash among many other items. FBA would like to help supply some of these needed items to qualified shelters and organizations that do good work. With the help of our friends, donors and corporations, we can keep these organizations supplied with what they need and allow them to do the job that they are passionate about, that of saving hurt and abandoned dogs and cats. Thank you in advance for helping us. Please contact us for more information at US: 619-547-6621 or in MX at 646-160-2466.

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Dedicated to the relief of animal suffering, Friends of Baja Animals is an established US non-profit corporation fundraising on behalf of animal rescue organizations in Baja, Mexico. We desperately need volunteers. One of our great needs is for volunteers to transport our animals from the San Diego border to their foster or forever homes in Southern California. Additionally, we need volunteer do groomers in Mexico to visit our shelters and groom our residents. Also, we need Foster Homes and people to socialize and care for our animals while they heal and get ready for their new homes. We need local people in Ensenada to visit our rescues and play with our animals, walk them, love them and give them a chance to learn to trust humans again.

If you are an animal lover and would like to help us please contact us today. US: 619-547-6621 – MX: 646-160-2466. Thanks so much in advance for your kindness.

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There are literally thousand’s of homeless animals in Mexico. And though we’d like to find homes for all of them, we know this is unrealistic. Friends of Baja Animals make every possible effort to find loving, forever homes for as many as we can. We have a variety of shelters and organizations that have dogs and cats ready for adoption. Additionally, we have older dogs and some difficult to place that also need good homes. All have their vaccinations and are ready for you. There is a serious need in Baja for US families to open up their hearts and homes to this deserving animals. Won’t you consider your next beloved dog from us? You deserve the love that only an animal can give. Contact us today for more information. US: 619-547-6621 and in Mexico at 646-160-2466. Thank you.

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Thanks so much for all of your Amazon Smile contributions. Your help allows us to contribute to local shelters and rescues who do all the work in spay and neuter clinics and much more.

Amazon Smile is a great way to help us grow. You can choose our Friends of Baja Animals.org as your Charity of choice so that each time you purchase something on Amazon they will donate 0.5% to us. It’s not a huge amount of money but if everyone did this we could have some steady cash flow. This would help us save more animals and find them loving homes. Thanks so much for all of you who have contributed to us through Amazon Smile. Your help is much appreciated.


KB Homes Care

We would like to thank KB Homes for their continued contributions to our cause. KB Homes is a Home Builder with very attractive communities across the country. We highly recommend you check them out here.


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Four years ago my husband and I got married, moved across the country to San Diego and immediately started looking for a dog to bring into our home.  I spent weeks browsing adoption websites and showing my husband thousands of puppies but each one he had a reason why they weren’t the one- until one day I stumbled upon a photo of William and his brother Harry.I showed my husband the photo and before I even read the description he said “call the rescue now, that’s him, that’s our dog!” I got in contact with Bob and Linda Nichols who were fostering them down in Mexico and they went above and beyond in the process, sending photos, answering dozens of questions and really taking time to get to know me to match our lifestyle and personality to William. I vividly remember her telling me that he was very sweet but also independent and that he was so special and she thought that he would be a perfect match for us and boy was she right.
Being a military family we frequently have to uproot our lives and move somewhere new which can be difficult but he’s adapted so well to new places, new people and new dogs and has thrived regardless of the situation. He’s normally an independent guy but when my husband is deployed he truly steps up to the plate to comfort me and give me tons of snuggles, it’s almost like he knows that’s his job when it’s just the two of us and I am so thankful for that. William is also the perfect companion for our active lifestyle and together we’ve hiked over a thousand miles in these four years and it’s been amazing to watch him grow in his confidence and also his skill. He’s spent countless nights in a tent; he’s climbed up to 10,000 feet, gone snowshoeing to mountain peaks, spent days traveling down the river in our canoe, he’s hiked to waterfalls, hot springs, caves, and so many amazing places by my side.Every moment on the trail and in our daily life is made so much better thanks to him.Even though I trained him, I feel like he’s taught me so much more than I could ever teach him over the years.He has taught me how to be brave and trust even when your fear is overwhelming, he’s taught me how to love without condition, how to forgive and give each new dog (or person) another chance even if they’re hurt your feelings before. He has taught me how to wake up each morning with a new sense of excitement for life, how to find joy in the little things, how important it is to spread kindness and a big smile to everyone you pass whether you know them or not and most importantly he has shown me what undying, unwavering loyalty looks like. So often I find myself looking at William and wondering how I ever lived my life before he was a part of it and we will forever have so much gratitude to Bob, Linda and the rescue for bringing us together. 



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