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Friends of Baja Animals is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation established in 2015 in the State of Nevada. Our purpose is to save, care for, bring back to health and find forever homes for animals in Baja California, Mexico.



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Along with feeding and caring for animals of Baja California in Mexico, we raise money to help other charities that care for abandoned or abused animals in the Northern Baja region. Most local shelters are run by good hearted animal lovers and they always in need of Food, Supplies, Vet care, Medicines and cash among many other items. FBA would like to help supply some of these needed items to qualified shelters and organizations that do good work. With the help of our friends, donors and corporations, we can keep these organizations supplied with what they need and allow them to do the job that they are passionate about, that of saving hurt and abandoned dogs and cats. Thank you in advance for helping us. Please contact us for more information at US: 425-493-6647 or in MX at 646-160-2466.

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Dedicated to the relief of animal suffering, Friends of Baja Animals is an established US non-profit corporation fundraising on behalf of animal rescue organizations in Baja, Mexico. We desperately need volunteers. One of our great needs is for volunteers to transport our animals from the San Diego border to their foster or forever homes in Southern California. Additionally, we need volunteer do groomers in Mexico to visit our shelters and groom our residents. Also, we need Foster Homes and people to socialize and care for our animals while they heal and get ready for their new homes. We need local people in Ensenada to visit our rescues and play with our animals, walk them, love them and give them a chance to learn to trust humans again.

If you are an animal lover and would like to help us please contact us today. US: 425-493-6647 – MX: 646-160-2466. Thanks so much in advance for your kindness.

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There are literally thousand’s of homeless animals in Mexico. And though we’d like to find homes for all of them, we know this is unrealistic. Friends of Baja Animals make every possible effort to find loving, forever homes for as many as we can. But we need more families to adopt our animals. They deserve a fresh start to their lives. You deserve the love that only an animal can give. Contact us today for more information. US: 425-493-6647 and in Mexico at 646-160-2466. Thank you.

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Amazon Smile is a great way to help us grow. You can choose our Friends of Baja Animals.org as your Charity of choice so that each time you purchase something on Amazon they will donate 0.5% to us. It’s not a huge amount of money but if everyone did this we could have some steady cash flow. This would help us save more animals and find them loving homes. Thanks so much for all of you who have contributed to us through Amazon Smile. Your help is much appreciated.!

St. Paco's Initiavate has been renamed Los Adoptable, a Transitional Home for Dogs

We assist other qualified rescue organizations through our 503 (C) tax status. If you know of a great rescue shelter who might like to work with us please let us know. US: 425-493-6647 – MX: 646-160-2466.

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