There are literally hundreds of thousands of homeless animals throughout Mexico. And though we’d like to find homes for all of them, we know this is unrealistic. Friends of Baja Animals make every possible effort to find loving, forever homes for as many as we can.

For some people, adoption is a natural fit, with plenty of time to care for animals that need a special kind of love. There’s a long-term commitment and a lifetime of love and joy when a rescued pet is well paired with a loving owner.

For others, fostering an animal through their worst days and then returning them to the animal care center or finding their forever homes brings a joy untold. Fostering dogs and cats for shorter periods at times of great need change the lives of many of our rescued animals.

There are also those people who cannot consider adoption or fostering as a possibility: people with busy schedules, who travel a lot, or who simply cannot give the hands-on care that these rescued animals need.

To be considered as adoptive ‘parents’ or to find out more about fostering …

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Below is a list of criteria we consider as we’re

guided through adoption and fostering processes.


Adopting a roaming or previously abandoned animal takes a special kind of love, hours of care, and a commitment to being with a rescued pet long term. It’s not for the faint of heart. This is why we at Friends of Baja Animals have a strict process for determining the value to our animals of their potential adoption.

We’re concerned as much with the suitability of adopting persons as we are the long term welfare of the animals we rescue and restore to health. And we only place animals that are proven safe for adoption.

Some of the requirements are

1. The person or family adopting must be financially able to afford to care for the animal, including the provision of healthy good quality food, medical care and preventive health care going forward.

2. The home must be suitable for the size and type of pet, with a yard and outside space or access to a park for exercise.

3. A person or family who has experience with owning and caring for pets is essential, and, because rescued pets need special care, the person must supervise and be good company for the pet and unlikely to leave them alone for long periods of time.

4. Every possible measure must be taken to protect the new pet from busy roads, dangerous environments, other predatory animals or people who may seek to cause the animal any kind of harm – in every way the pet must be kept safe.

5. And above all this, the person must love their pet and share a special connection. With love, a pet will be loyal, happy, secure and healthy, and enjoy a long life while giving huge amounts of love in return.

Rescued Pet Fostering

Agreeing to take in a homeless dog or cat and to give love, care, and much-needed attention either for a set amount of time or until the rescued pet is adopted, is one of the many ways you can help improve the lives of homeless animals.

Dogs and cats may need foster care for a variety of reasons. Rescue centers often have few options other than euthanasia if too many homeless animals are brought in at once and their network of foster caregivers is a great source of relief.

Sometimes puppies and kittens are too young to be adopted and need a safe home until they’re old enough to go to a forever home. Animals recovering from surgery, illness or injury or showing signs of stress in shelter situations need a quiet and safe place to recuperate and have their sense of peace restored or receive help with being socialized.

Friends of Baja Animals are always looking for people with the time, finances, and experience with animals to foster rescued pets for short periods of time. Please do get in touch with us if you have these prerequisites and would like to foster.

Sponsor a Rescued Animal

For many pet lovers, adoption or fostering is just not an option. Some of us have our own pets already, and these may not blend well with a newcomer, even if it’s for a temporary period. Sometimes our busy schedules make it impossible to think of taking an animal into our home.

Friends of Baja Animals have an animal sponsorship program. The commitment is financial, pure and simple. Instead of a donation going to the general or other funds as described on our Donate page, your sponsorship may prove life-giving to one or more specific animals that need ongoing or first response care.

Some seniors may be living in the shelter for the remainder of their lives. Sponsorship is needed for various reasons yet is mostly for those animals requiring the highest of care: our seniors, the injured or animals with other special needs that may need more time in the rescue shelters before finding their forever homes.

Talk to us about our sponsoring one or more of these special souls – we will provide regular progress reports. In this way, it’s almost like taking the animal into your home. You get to know their special circumstances and daily caregivers.

Adoption Application



Currently available animals for Adoption

va is a year old, 35 lb Siberian Husky/Shepherd Mix. Sweet, gets along with all dogs, loves people. House broken Spayed, current on vaccines including rabies. Wears a Senestro flea/tick collar active until Oct 1.
250.00 Rehoming/reimbursement of veteranarian costs

Bailey is a beautiful puppy
5-6 months old. 20 pounds
Sweet, smart, feisty, fun personality.
Spayed, Vaccinated, Dewormed.
$200.00 adoption fee
PayPal available
Call us today at 619-547-6621

This is our CC, aka Coca Chanel
7 months old approx 35 pounds.
A great companion dog, super friendly to other dogs and humans
Spayed, current on all vaccines including rabies, dewormed.
$250.00 reimbursement of veterinarian costs.
Meet and greet will be set in San Diego on approval of adoption application.
Call Diane 619-547-6621 for more information.

Here is the other male chihuahua without a name. He is young and very tiny. He along with his friend of looking for good homes. They are available separately but it would be nice to keep them together if possible. As soon as we have suitable parents, both dogs will be spayed and ready to go.
Please consider these precious babies for your own. Contact Diane at 619-547-6621. Thanks