1 Lazereth | Friends of Baja Animals

This is Lazereth , a 10 or 11 year old poodle that had found a deck to spend his remaining days under. Two young people showed up at the Shelter with him in their arms hoping someone could help.

His coat was extremely matted and full of stickers, able to move, but unable to walk, and appeared to be partially blind. At the Shelter, he received immediate care, a bath, clipped the large hair patches that clung to his body, fed, and bathed. He finally recovered enough to be taken to the local vet which confirmed the partially blind condition. He also had diabetes, and was severly neglected. The vet was also a groomer, so he gave Lazereth a proper hair cut, shots, and declared him a ‘Special Needs’ dog then returned to the Shelter.

By the way, all vetinary fees are paid by the Shelter but they work with us knowing our limited finances.

A few months later, Lazereth was adopted by an elderly retired couple that were looking for a dog that would give them the companionship they desired, and the life style that suited them. A match was made, and Lazereth will have a wonderful life.