Bobby was our boy’s best friend. He followed him everywhere, waited for him to return from school by the door each day and leaped with joy the minute our son came home. He was a devoted and loyal companion to us all and we will miss him forever. He was unfortunately killed by a drunk driver one day. In memory of our beloved friend, we join Friends of Baja Animals in honoring Bobby.

Pixie is a lot older than this picture now and she is not in good health. We honor her today by remembering her in her better moments. Pixie is still our pride and joy and we want to express our love for her by sharing this picture with you. Thanks, Friends of Baja Animals. April and Robert B.

Augusto, was a blessing to us. We found him by the side of the road one day while shopping in town.
He was tiny at the time, dirty and very scared. It looked like someone had abandoned him. He must have been alone for about a week when we found him. He was hiding in a box. At first, he wouldn’t let us touch him, then slowly he began to take a hot dog from us. Eventually, we were able to get him in our car and take him home. He lived with us for about 12 years before he peacefully passed away in his sleep. We will be forever grateful for this loving and generous creature. To Augusto with love. Jillian and Alfredo.

In Memory is all about our beloved pets who have passed away. Their lives gave us comfort, happiness, and companionship. We all want to remember these cherished animals and you can do that here, by making a $20 donation for a three-month posting to FBA. We will add your favorite picture of your pet and a little bio on their life.

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