As of the time of this writing October 29th, 2018, we are just ending our 3rd year anniversary. The beginning of our 4th year will be a much more productive year for helping local shelters and organizations with Holiday giving fundraising. Friends of Baja Animals would like to recognize the local shelters in the Punta Banda area for the fabulous work they have done during this year.

The following are those we highly recommend you supporting:

Los Adoptables: This year Los Adoptables have remodeled their new shelter to accommodate up to 40 dogs. Tina McClure co-founder and Pris the Manager of the shelter have worked hard to design and build individual pens for each dog, giving them their own safe and secure place to call their own. The dogs look out to the public area and see people coming and going all day long. They have special time to play and romp the yard each day. Additionally,
Los Adoptables has established a grooming and bathing area, an office, kitchen and Second Hand shop area, all to raise funds to pay the bills. You can reach them by going to their website: or emailing Pris
at Let them know we recommended them.

C.A.R.E. This organization is owned and run by Norma Hurtado, who has been the leader in spaying and neutering dogs and cats for many years. Norma and her team of volunteers have helped stop the proliferation of unwanted animals in the Punta Banda. All of the residents of this area have been grateful for the work Norma has done to rid the roads of dead and injured animals. They also go into local schools to educate children on how to care for their animals.
You can reach Norma and C.A.R.E at email: Please let her know FBA recommended her.

Rescue Me Second Hand Shop: Rescue Me was founded by Linda McBride several years ago. They are dedicated to helping local pet charities pay their bills by raising funds collecting and re-selling clothes and household items. They are a staple in the Punta Banda area where all the local residents help by providing items and buying different things. They help Katty Korner, which is a Cat Shelter, Los Adoptables, and other organizations through the hard work of Linda and her team of Volunteers. You can reach Linda at her email: Let her know we recommended Rescue Me.

Katty Korner: This adorable shelter is co-founded by Data Goldsberry and Linda McBride. They rented a small shop where they fixed up a comfortable place for cats to live, while waiting for adoption. Data and her husband Dayle take cats to San Diego on a weekly basis for adoption events. They set up at a local Pet Smart store and have several beautiful cats ready to meet their forever parents. They have saved hundreds of cats in their time. We highly commend Data, Linda and their team of Volunteers for their consistency, reliability, excellent care and effort they have put into their shelter. Data and her team have dedicated their lives to save cats from death and abuse. You can reach Data at her email: Please let them know how much we love them.

All of the above are just some of the trusted and awesome people in the Punta Banda area who rescue, foster and adopt animals at their worse time of need. We thank you all for your kindness, generosity, and love.

From the Board of Directors of Friends of Baja Animals,
Mike Folloni, Bob and Linda Nichols and Diane Webster.
You can reach us at