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Payments through Paypal or Credit Card accepted.

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Payments through Paypal or Credit Card accepted.

There are many ways to donate to Friends of Baja Animals. Our general Pay Pal fund is the one we most rely on as we can’t possibly list all of our expenses. This fund provides for food, fresh water, vet bills, spay and neuter clinics, medicines, transportation for the animals to their forever home and so much more. If you can make your donation a monthly recurring one this will help us to know what our monthly cash flow is and that will allow us to predict how much we can help our refuges on a monthly basis.

Additionally, you can donate materials to help our facilities improve their housing and shelter goals. Or toys, beds, blankets, and other items that our shelters need to operate and care for the many animals in need. Your time with the administration of our organization, website, fundraising and marketing is something we especially need at this time

Thank you in advance for your consideration and becoming a Friend of Baja Animals.

Help a Baja Animal Today (General Fund)

Our general fund will be used for everything the other accounts are not used for or for those services if there is not enough to money already in the kitty. Additionally, it will pay for holding Adoption events, Volunteer expenses such as gas to take our pets to the Vet, Administration of the website and store plus other expenses for marketing etc. Basically, a catch all fund to help us raise money for our cause.