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There are many ways to donate to Friends of Baja Animals. Our General Pay Pal fund is the one we most rely on as we can’t possibly list all of our expenses. This fund provides for food, fresh water, vet bills, spay and neuter clinics, medicines, transportation for the animals to their forever home and so much more. If you can make your donation a monthly recurring one this will help us to know what our monthly cash flow is and allow us to predict how much we can help our refuges on a monthly basis.

If you are looking to donate specifically to Los Adoptables Shelter please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

General Fund

Our General fund is our primary way for us to solicit money to pay for the entire FBA organization. Our expenses grow as the number of dogs and shelters we help grows. FBA pays for Vet bills for dogs who need special care, this includes a special Rabies vaccination that the State of California requires for each dog to cross the border. Without this special vaccination, dogs can be turned back at the border. Some of the other things that we pay for are Medicine, Food, Vet bills, Transportation to San Diego and beyond for our adoptable animals. Additionally, we help local shelters pay their bills, Website administration, and everything we are able to help with for those who care for abused animals in our region.

Payments through Paypal or Credit Card accepted.

Monthly Recurring Donation to the General Fund


20 lbs of high-quality dry dog food donation $28.00

Dog Bed Donation $32.00


60 oz package of Beef Jerky Dog Treats $ 30.00

Spa Day, includes, medicated bath, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and haircut. $25

California Rabies and Drontal Plus Dewormer $29

Full Bloodwork Panel $ 49

Topical Flea and Tick Treatments for 6 months $68

Specifically for Los Adoptables Shelter (Los Adoptables Fund)


This specific fund goes directly to Los Adoptables, a local shelter that saves hundreds of animals a year. Los Adoptables just had its two-year-old anniversary in October 2018. They are dedicated to spaying and neutering animals to keep the unwanted population from growing, vet and healthcare, food and housing in a safe and clean environment.

Payments through Paypal or Credit Card accepted.

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