This is Danny Boy, a 1+ year old terrier mix found scrounging for food at a Taco stand just outside of Chapultepec, a community just south of Ensenada.

He has an extreme case of Mange which is common to the abandoned animals, and can be contagious to other animals. He was taken to one of the local animal shelters, isolated, bathed, fed, given a sweater to wear, and a bed to sleep in. He wore the sweater gladly until his natural coat recovered as it was in the winter.

He has responded beautifully and is developing a happy, playful personality. Shots and getting neutered are in his immediate future. He is still fragile, but he will soon be ready for adoption.

This is a great example of the effort and dedication of the Animal Rescue efforts provided by the Shelters in this area, and the volunteers that work there.