Banda, a small Chihuahua was left tied to a post on the beach in Ensenada. It was difficult at first to touch her, she was terrified. But with persistence and the love Mike had to share he was able to rescue her. Her first visit to the Vet was scary for little Banda, she was riddled with fleas and ticks and had not eaten for some time.  Mike posted a bulletin at the Vet’s office to see if anyone had lost her, but there was only one response, from a druggie saying she was his. Naturally, Mike wasn’t going to give Banda to him.

Banda settled in nicely with Mike and his other dogs and she became his constant companion. She attended work meetings with him, rode in the car everywhere, travelled to the States and back often and she even went to Karaoke bars with her trusted friend.  She must have liked Mike’s  singing voice as she started to sing along with him. Together they won 3 Karaoke championships and she also sang an impromptu:  “We wish you a merry Christmas” to San Diego USA TV 8 viewers when interviewed waiting for delayed airplanes Christmas Eve 2013.

Banda was lost twice, once to a kidnapping, but both times she was returned safely. Today Banda and Mike continue to enjoy a pleasant life in Mexico together and love each other more than we can possibly describe.