Amma’s Story

She was dumped into the ranch where I live, to fend for herself.  It is an unfortunate common practice to ditch a female around 7-9 months, before they come into heat. She ran around here for a couple of weeks scrounging food and garbage wherever she could.  She became skittish in nature from being abandoned and being run off by folks in the ranch, as she was a strange and stray dog.  She was a survivor and smelled food down the road at our local bar/restaurant.  The bartender (Manny) is an animal lover, and seeing how skinny she was,  he fed her at the restaurant for a few days until he could locate a foster home for her, which he did with a couple living right here in La Bufadora.    Marie Pierre & Scott kept her for almost two months while they talked with many people looking to find her a home.  She asked me if I would take a look at the skinny, fairly small and skittish dog.  Well, that did not sound like any dog I wanted, as I had always had big and friendly dogs.  Marie Pierre asked if she could bring her over and reluctantly I agreed with having my mind set of not taking this dog.  When they came over, the door was open and I was sitting in a chair.  The dog came right over to me and sat in front of me.  I spoke with her and patted for her to come up into my lap.  She did and after a short while she laid her head on my shoulder, and I said, “Guess, I have a new dog.”  How could I resist such sweetness?  I named her Amma after the guru Amma who is known for her hugs.  After you have a hug from Amma you are never the same.  I can attest to this.  Amma has become known and loved my most people in my community.  She is now a quiet and trusting dog.  I always tell her, “You’re the best girl in the whole world.”   ammamamaama1_11amma22

Things to remember when adopting a pet by Angi Lewis FAB Blog contributor

Just a reminder that when you are adopting a pet, to take the time to meet the scared ones.
The shy ones, the ones that don’t stick out to you. The ones that hide under the bed, the blanket or behind the litter pans. The ones that hiss, the ones that bark and shake and cry and look at you with confusion. The ones that cower, the ones with boring colors or missing limbs, the older ones who seem to be beyond repair. The ones that seem to have given up.
Because they are not and they haven’t. They just need you and sometimes you might just really need them as well……
It’s amazing what some love can do…..

Angi Lewis
FBA Blog Contributor



This is Lazereth , a 10 or 11 year old poodle that had found a deck to spend his remaining days under. Two young people showed up at the Shelter with him in their arms hoping someone could help.

His coat was extremely matted and full of stickers, able to move, but unable to walk, and appeared to be partially blind. At the Shelter, he received immediate care, a bath, clipped the large hair patches that clung to his body, fed, and bathed. He finally recovered enough to be taken to the local vet which confirmed the partially blind condition. He also had diabetes, and was severly neglected. The vet was also a groomer, so he gave Lazereth a proper hair cut, shots, and declared him a ‘Special Needs’ dog then returned to the Shelter.

By the way, all vetinary fees are paid by the Shelter but they work with us knowing our limited finances.

A few months later, Lazereth was adopted by an elderly retired couple that were looking for a dog that would give them the companionship they desired, and the life style that suited them. A match was made, and Lazereth will have a wonderful life.

Danny Boy

Danny Boy

This is Danny Boy, a 1+ year old terrier mix found scrounging for food at a Taco stand just outside of Chapultepec, a community just south of Ensenada.

He has an extreme case of Mange which is common to the abandoned animals, and can be contagious to other animals. He was taken to one of the local animal shelters, isolated, bathed, fed, given a sweater to wear, and a bed to sleep in. He wore the sweater gladly until his natural coat recovered as it was in the winter.

He has responded beautifully and is developing a happy, playful personality. Shots and getting neutered are in his immediate future. He is still fragile, but he will soon be ready for adoption.

This is a great example of the effort and dedication of the Animal Rescue efforts provided by the Shelters in this area, and the volunteers that work there.



Banda, a small Chihuahua was left tied to a post on the beach in Ensenada. It was difficult at first to touch her, she was terrified. But with persistence and the love Mike had to share he was able to rescue her. Her first visit to the Vet was scary for little Banda, she was riddled with fleas and ticks and had not eaten for some time.  Mike posted a bulletin at the Vet’s office to see if anyone had lost her, but there was only one response, from a druggie saying she was his. Naturally, Mike wasn’t going to give Banda to him.

Banda settled in nicely with Mike and his other dogs and she became his constant companion. She attended work meetings with him, rode in the car everywhere, travelled to the States and back often and she even went to Karaoke bars with her trusted friend.  She must have liked Mike’s  singing voice as she started to sing along with him. Together they won 3 Karaoke championships and she also sang an impromptu:  “We wish you a merry Christmas” to San Diego USA TV 8 viewers when interviewed waiting for delayed airplanes Christmas Eve 2013.

Banda was lost twice, once to a kidnapping, but both times she was returned safely. Today Banda and Mike continue to enjoy a pleasant life in Mexico together and love each other more than we can possibly describe.